White tea - China

Fuding Da Bai Lao Cong 2010

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A treasure to discover: a ten year old white tea, compressed into a 350 gram cake, produced by our friends from the Zhou family in Fuding. The beautiful leaves in shades of dark red up to bronze, dotted with silvery buds testify of a grade of Bai Mu Dan or Gou Mei which has evolved well. Their scent evokes apple pie and beeswax. When infused, they release a limpid liquor with a pale gold hue. Notes of clover honey, beeswax, golden apple, pear and golden raisin emerge mixed with a beautiful sweet and very pure sweetness reminiscent of maple water. Superb to taste now or to keep for many years to come.

2 teaspoons /250ml

4-5 minutes