Black tea - China

Huiming Hong Cha

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The specialties of the Jingning region in southern Zhejiang is without a doubt Huiming green tea and Huiming Bai Ye tea. However, some tea producers&mdashlike Mr. Mao&mdashmake an excellent black tea from this region’s native tea tree crop. This small tea production offers a genuinely original tea&mdashentirely handcrafted. Its small leaves and several coppery buds reveal a smooth, heady, amber liquor with soft, subtle tannins. Its aromas call to mind roses and gardenias, nougat, autumn honey and barley malt. Only slightly caffeinated, this black tea is perfect for chilly evenings or early mornings when you’re in no rush and have time for a little self-indulgence.

  1 tsp/250ml       3-4 minutes       90°C