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Hojicha (Ichiban)

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New **: This first spring harvest Hojicha (ichibancha) is a roasted green tea from the Kirishima region with an aromatic aspect very different from the other green teas on our menu. Grown without the use of any chemicals on nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the copper infusion offers lovely aromatic undertones of flowers, orchard fruit, creme-caramel and dry-roasted hazelnut. Digestible, comforting and low in caffeine, hojicha is a perfect companion for chilly evenings or to accompany the most delicious desserts 
** We will receive later this summer the version offered in the past, the Hojicha (Niban), from the second harvest, more roasted, because the difficult weather conditions in Japan have delayed its production.

  1 1/2 tsp/250ml    

  4-5 minutes