Post-fermented tea - China

2012 Anhua Shi Liang Cha

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Shi Liang Cha is a post-fermented tea (like Pu Er) produced in Hunan Province in central China. Its leaves were compressed in a small tube before being allowed to rest for several years so that the natural fermentation takes place. It transforms the flavors and aromas, from the most vegetal to earthy, woody flavors, then mineral notes will appear after several years. If this tea, presented here in our selection, is from the vintage of 2012 and is still very young, its infusion is delicious, its tannins are flexible and its rich mineral, earthy and woody aromas will satisfy the finest palates. On the nose and on the palate, its aromas of dead leaves and earth harmonize nicely with the light aroma of coffee grounds.

  1 tsp/250ml

  4-5 minutes