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2014 Simao Zi Ya - Sheng

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This tea’s purplish-blue buds come from a local variety found in the Simao district of the province of Yunnan. If the buds are purple before infusion because of their high concentration of anthocyanic pigments, they quickly turn green upon contact with hot water. They release highly distinctive aromas for a green tea: aromas of green vegetables, artichokes, raw hazelnuts, blueberries, blackberries and a slight hint of white flowers. This tea’s naturally sweet finish is accompanied by a slight bitterness that awakens your taste buds. This green tea may be stored for years and will develop into a Sheng Pu’erh tea as its notes become more and more agricultural and then mineral. An extraordinary tea!

  1 1/2 tsp/250ml       4-5 minutes       90-95°C     Rinse