Post-fermented tea - Vietnam

2018 Pho Nhi - Wild tea trees

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Vietnam is usually known for its green teas and this one is the exception! This tea is produced in mountainous areas at about 1500 meters altitude in the north of the country, close to the Chinese border. Composed of beautiful large twisted leaves with silver buds from old tea trees over a hundred years, this post-fermented tea comes from this spring harvest. It is why it looks like a green tea rather than a post-fermented tea, but it will improve over time like the Pu Er.

This infusion, limpid and sweet, offers resinous, vegetal and camphorous flavors. The flavors of fir needles, artichoke, raw peanut and green grapes give a smooth mix with a sweet finish. A real pleasure for the taste buds!

  2 tsp/250ml       4-5 minutes       90°C