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Darjeeling Rohini 'Emerald Vintage'

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Here is the very first batch of Darjeeling green tea that we have been selecting for over 10 years! To tell the truth, it is the only one having given us enough pleasure to add it to our list (Darjeeling is clearly a region famous for its black teas and not for its green teas)! The beautiful dark green leaves have been carefully rolled to provide a smooth and aromatic cup. When infused, the pale gold-colored liquor that is released offers delicate notes of sweet almond, wild flower, parsley, fresh cereal and clover honey. In aesthetics, we are here closer to a ''Chinese'' than a ''Japanese'' style of green tea taste.
Available in small quantities to the curious and to lovers of original green teas!

Harvest: spring 2022

1 1/2 tsp/250ml

4-5 minutes