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'Tea Road' - pure leaf tea discovery box

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**The new subscriptions are currently for October's box. (will be shipped / available for pickup during the first week of October)

Whether as a monthly subscription (3 or 6-month prepaid options) or as a one-time purchase, our new boxes of terroir teas are there to take you on a journey and make you discover new things each time! Every month, a surprise selection of various pure teas will be created and sent to you (shipping included) the first week of the month (possibility of pick-up in store also available). All you have to do is heat up some water and go on an adventure with us on the Tea Road!

This formula has the following advantages:

  • Each month, have access to a unique selection of new arrivals, current favorites, teas sometimes available before everyone else, micro-lots exclusive to subscribers, seasonal themes, etc .;
  • Always different, these boxes are there to take you off the beaten track, to develop and deepen your appreciation of the vast world that specialty tea offers us;
  • Value: you'll always get at least $ 65 worth of products in each box;
  • A link will be revealed to you every month to a private video of Daniel (in both french and english) which presents the selection you have just received, gives you brewing advice, tasting notes, travel anecdotes on the producers concerned ... a small online workshop just for you, every month!;
  • Sometimes we will include a little extra surprise in the package ;-);
  • Free shipping to Canada and the United States;
  •   A nice gift idea to offer, whether as a single box or even better in the form of a monthly subscription !!

Month by month or just to try before committing: 1 month ($ 64.95)

3 month prepaid subscription ($ 61.50 / month - Save 5%)

6 month prepaid subscription ($ 58.25 / month - Save 10%)

If you have any questions or would like more information about this offer, do not hesitate to contact us:

NB- The shipment of these subscription boxes being included in the package, you can order other products to add to the shipment but it will reach you at the same time (shipment during the first week of each month) and not in two separate packages unless you are placing two separate orders. Thank you!