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Fukamushicha Yutakamidori

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Yutakamidori is one of our favorite Japanese green tea cultivars for its comforting silky texture. Ecologically produced by the Nuruki family on the volcanic slopes of Minamikyushu, near Kagoshima, this sencha is presented here in its fukamushi version (''steamed longer '' during desiccation, which results in more broken leaves and a more dense and creamy liquor) from the very first spring harvest. When infused, this tea offers a slightly hazy emerald green infusion, with rich and fresh scents. On the palate, its velvety, creamy and slightly sweet aspect is very pleasant. Aromas of fresh walnuts, steamed spinach, asparagus, fresh grass as well as a sweet marine note combine harmoniously, without the slightest bitterness. A round and full tea!

1 tsp/250ml

3-4 minutes