White tea - China

Gong Mei 2017 "mini-buttons"

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This white tea aged for a few years and compressed into small buttons of approximately 5 grams each comes from a small family of producers in Fuding, the birthplace of white tea. These doses are ideal for bringing with you to work or travel because the pressed leaves are less fragile that way during transport. A small "button" for a large teapot or for a session of gong fu cha and voila!

Upon unpacking, we discover dark leaves set with silver buds giving off odors of dried fruit and apple cider. When infused, its flavors are mild and naturally sweet, with aromatic nuances reminiscent of dried apples, bosc pear, cinnamon, autumn leaves and honey. Generous for reinfusion, this tea will easily offer at least a second soft and refreshing cup, if not more. The caffeine level is low.

1 unit /500ml

4-5 minutes