Our wide selection of teas, mostly from our own imports, stands out in many ways. Selling in bulk, all our teas are full-bodied which will give you an unparalleled aromatic and balanced infusion. Contrary to commercial teas resulting from blends (in order to standardize their taste from one year to the next), our teas are presented to you according to their terroir of origin, their specific variety and each possess a personality which is why they’re all unique. Our work as an importer allows us to ensure the freshness of our teas and present you the harvest of the current year.

From small productions and artisanal work, our teas have benefited from the best growing and processing conditions. Our annual visits to producers and their gardens allow us to confirm these conditions and thus always maintain the quality of our products.

Finally, you will find in our selection of great classics of each soil but also unusual discoveries, unearthed during our trips in Asia.