The CHA YI experience

"CHA YI" means the art of tea in Mandarin and it is in this expression that the essence of our company rests. Our mission is to make you discover the tea in all its authenticity without the denaturation that we know everywhere in the West. Come to discover exceptional products by its aromas, its diversity and its benefits on the body and soul. Wherever your tea knowledge is, our team of advisors will guide you with their passion and knowledge.

Among our teashop, there is a tasting space with a calm and cosy atmosphere. On your own or with friends, the tasting area is a great place to stop for a moment of relaxation and to make new discoveries, to savour one of our imported teas accompanied by a homemade treat, to learn how to use traditional brewing tools and to avail oneself of a pleasant advisory service. We invite you to come and enjoy the art of tea with us.