Green teas

This type of tea is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world for its well-known health benefits. In Asia, green tea has always been the most consumed tea and it largely prevails all other types of tea. This type of tea expands a universe of aromas far beyond the coarse “green” taste of the widespread commercial category. Due to the fact that it is often incorrectly brewed, green tea is often wrongly defined as bitter, a characteristic that applies only to few green teas. Its delicate leaves require a steeping temperature of relatively warm water (between 65 and 85 C), depending on the type of leaves.

When properly brewed, its delicate aromatic oils could provide, for example, an herbaceous and vegetal aroma with hints of floral bouquet, asparagus, mango, spinach, seaweed, almond, etc. The concentration of caffeine varies from one batch to the other depending on the size of the leaves; making it a good ally in the morning, an invigorating afternoon beverage or a soothing digestive after a meal.