Pu Er and aged teas

Pu Er teas are post-fermented and aged. They can be in the form of loose leaves or pressed in teacakes, bricks, nests, etc. As for wines, they are the only type of tea that can be aged to improve flavour. Their oxidation is not only enzymatic as for other types of tea; it is accomplished through fermentation due to the action of yeast and bacteria, causing the tea to transform over time.

After a given number of years (or weeks in the case of the Shou Cha category of Pu Er – accelerated fermentation) in specific environmental conditions, traditional Pu Er (Sheng Cha category – natural fermentation)

Their superior medicinal properties are recognized, whether to encourage digestion in cases of indigestion or food poisoning, to reduce cholesterol and fat, or also to reduce the risks of heart diseases. gradual fermentation) reaches the level of maturity required for consumption. The aromatic quality of their liquor is primarily rustic, complemented by notes of wetland, undergrowth, mushrooms, peat, farm, exotic wood, etc.