Green tea - Japan

Sencha Tenga

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This sencha with the name meaning "the elegance of the heavens" is produced ecologically in the south of Japan, partly on the small island of Yukushima and the other near Kagoshima, because it is the product of a meticulous assembly of the cultivars Yukatamidori, Saemidori and Yabukita who gives him the nice balance we like so much.

Tasty and fine, almost creamy, its gourmet aromas of dark chocolate, almond, toast and fresh mango blend harmoniously with more refreshing herbal notes of sorrel, fresh spinach and grilled nori. Its velvety texture is reminiscent of asparagus and nut butter. The result is seductive and its long persistence culminates in a fruity and subtly floral hint.

  1 tsp/250ml     

  3-4 minutes