Pu Er - China

2004 Da Ye Gu Shu - shu / sheng

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This tea evokes us of:


This new addition to our Pu Er tea collection is one of our latest favorites. With its 20 years of maturation, this tea probably offers us its greatest potential. Coming from an autumn harvest on a plantation of old tea trees in the Menghai area, this Pu Er has the particularity of having only partially gone through forced fermentation (which normally makes ''shu'' type Pu Er ) then having been left to mature naturally and at its own pace thereafter (which is usually the case in the case of the ''sheng'' type)... So here we are in presence of an hybrid ''shu / sheng''!

The result on the palate offers a lot of character. From its dark brown liquor, notes of camphor, forest mushrooms, laurel, exotic wood and damp earth emerge. Aromatic, delicately sweet and complex, this Pu Er is truly one of a kind and we invite you to dip your lips in it to discover it!

1 1/2 tsp250ml

4-5 minutes