Oolong - Taiwan

Bai Hao

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Also known as “Dongfeng Mei Ren” or “Oriental Beauty”, this Oolong is one of the most renowned teas of Taiwan, and for good reason: it’s quite simply remarkable! Ecologically grown near the village of Beipu, this summer harvest is made up of small leaves with silvery, downy buds that have been partially eaten by a tiny piercing-sucking insect, Jacobiasca formosana. It’s because of this insect that Bai Hao tea develops sought-after aromas of muscatel grapes, flowers and honey. During infusion, its elegant liquor takes on a coppery gold colour. The almost syrupy texture of this tea delivers flavours of baked apples and pears, sweet spices, summer honey, white flowers and muscatel grapes. Its fruity finish is rich and heady. This is one vintage that is sure to be a memorable experience.

 1 1/2 tsp/250ml       4-5 minutes       90°C