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2015 Guangxi 'Golden Flowers' Liu Bao

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This Liu Bao (a type of fermented teas similar to Pu Er) comes from the Wuzhou region, renowned for its high quality teas. Fermented under controlled conditions (shu), the leaves of this tea are wetted then piled up and inoculated with local yeasts of ''golden flowers'' (Aspergillus cristatum) in order to ensure that the fermentation favorably develops its typical taste and its highly digestive properties. The result is a dark, velvety tea with round, enveloping aromas of damp earth, exotic wood, cedar, leather, roasted barley and wild blackberry jam. A great tea already ready to drink but which will continue to mature and improve for many years to come!


ALLERGIES: traces of GLUTEN may be found in this tea due to the inoculation medium (flour) of the yeast used as the ''golden flower'' ferment. We advise you to refrain from consuming this tea if you suffer from celiac disease or a severe allergy to gluten.