Oolong - Taiwan

Dong Ding - Charcoal roasted

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This tea evokes us of:

🍮 Caramel cream 🥭 Exotic Fruits 🥥 Coconut sugar 🔥 Comforting

Roasting with charcoal requires a much greater amount of skill than the more commonly employed electric heaters. Sadly, only a small handful of producers with the expertise required to process tea using this method remain on Mount Dong Ding; the enhanced richness and depth that are the mainstays of such teas are therefore hard to come by. Notes of toffee and grilled coconut accentuated by the roasting are complemented by toasted peanut and almond, exotic fruits, fig, oak casks, and dark maple syrup as well as a light honey floral note. A lovely long aftertaste rounds out the liquor.

  1 tsp/250ml       3-4 minutes       95°C     Rinse