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Kukicha is a tea made up of branches and a few leaves of the tea plant following a deep pruning. Every three years, Mr. Miyazaki prunes all his tea plants in rotation in order to limit their height and promote vigorous regrowth. These pruning residues are then reconditioned into small pieces and then roasted to produce Kukicha. This tea offers a very low-caffeinated, sweet and mellow infusion, with comforting notes of maple syrup, hazelnut, caramel, freshly split wood and dried fruit.
For its infusion, as it is not about leaves but rather fragments of coarser branches, it will be necessary to make a "decoction" to benefit from it to the maximum: In a pot, put the tea / water ratio as indicated below. Cover and heat until boiling, then lower the heat slightly and simmer for at least ten minutes. After this period, remove from heat and let it rest a few minutes before filtering (using a sieve) the entire infusion or only the desired amount above your cup (the tea will not become bitter even if the rest over infuses). Enjoy hot or cold!

  1 1/2 tsp/250ml     

  10-15 minutes (simmering)