Japan, a realm of green teas

For a long time now, Japanese teas have a reputation for their irreplaceable flavors and/or for the health benefits they provide. This producing country has focused its expertise on the production of green teas for more than 1000 years. With a rich culture and a high degree of refinement rooted in Zen Buddhism, the Chanoyu ceremony and the Sencha-do ritual is a living art where tea making takes on a truly sacred meaning.

During this workshop, we will discuss the history of tea in Japan (from its arrival on the archipelago until now), the production of green teas and different types of Japanese teas, the green tea powder/matcha (its ceremony and its preparation), the technique of Sencha-do and the use of traditional kyusu teapots in addition to several tasting of great Japanese teas throughout the workshop.

This workshop is only given in french or contact us to create your own private group.

Duration: 2h

Cost: 30$ tx included