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Sencha Asatsuyu

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The 'asatsuyu' tea tree cultivar is one of the most prized in Japan for the sweetness of its flavors and the richness of its aromas. Cultivated by the Hayashi family in the heights of Kirishima, where the volcanic soils are rich and where no pesticides have been used (for 6 generations... so never!), this ''chumushi'' style sencha is velvety and delicate. Its liquor is misty and of a beautiful soft green. It presents vegetal aromas of fresh sprouts, spinach, sweet corn, cocoa and butter biscuit that harmonize with a satiny texture, without the slightest astringency, abandoning themselves in a beautiful caressing, delicately floral persistence. A memorable experience making one of our favorite sencha!
For the greener and more intense ''fukamushi'' version of Asatsuyu: click here!

  1 tsp/250ml     

  3-4 minutes