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You ask, we choose for you!

Inspired by the Japanese expression '' Omakase '' which means '' I leave it to you '', a state of mind where the customer leaves it to the chef to choose for him, here is a new personalized offer that we offer you and which works as follows:

  • You choose the tea budget that suits you and, when placing your order, you specify (in the field `` SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ORDER'' when viewing your cart before proceeding to payment) the type(s) of tea you want to receive, what you like or don't like, everyday drinking or more high-end teas, etc... any clues that will help us choose the best teas for you!;
  • We will then make a selection adapted to your needs among our favorites, our sure values, and sometimes, small exclusive things that await under the counter...;
  • We will base ourselves on the budget you have selected and adapt the grammage accordingly to arrive at the amount paid;
  • Combine or multiply the amounts shown to arrive at the desired total for your order;
  • Free shipping will only apply on orders over $ 60 so don't hesitate to order additional items to accompany this chef's selection!
Examples of instructions to write to us:

'' I would like to receive a selection of your black teas that are a little less caffeinated and which are milder and less tannic. I have liked Assam Latumoni in the past for its honeyed sweetness. ''

''Hello! A little mix of everything that really excited you recently! I love to explore and make new discoveries! ''

'' I love herbal teas but I hate the taste of liquorice or fruity stuff. I need calm and relaxation in my life so anything that will help me relax will be welcome. ''

'' Your teas with the highest antioxidant content, please !! ''

Do you understand the principle? ;) You can always call us at 819-205-1830 or at for more information !!