Pu Er and other aged teas

The world of Pu Er remains mysterious for many people. These post-fermented teas, often found compressed in cakes or bricks, have the capacity to improve with age due to a mix of microorganisms maturing their leaves making their infusion digestive, with mellow flavors, deeply woody and earthy. But how to choose them and how to make them age well?

From their millennia-old history to the modern productions, from their harvest and their method of production to the effect of the old and wild tea trees on the infusion, from the remarkable health benefits to the notions of conservation and aging. With some extra information to avoid counterfeits and bad vintages, this workshop is a complete overview of this complex and fascinating tea family.

This workshop is only given in french or contact us to create your own private group.

Duration: 2h

Cost: 30$ tx included