Traditional brewing techniques

Although tea can simply be prepared in a cup or large teapot, most teas benefit greatly from a traditional brewing instrument that will bring out their full flavors and aromas potentials among the other beneficial elements. So how do we use all these little utensils and tea objects that most consider only connected to a ritual?

This interactive and exploratory workshop aims to familiarize you with the various traditional techniques of infusion and allow you to adopt them daily to prepare your favorite teas at home. During the activity, the participants will have the chance to infuse the tea themselves to the rest of the group by discovering the technique of Gong Fu Cha which uses the small Yixing teapots and gaiwan to prepare Chinese and Taiwanese teas as well that Sencha-do technique designed for Japanese teas. Finally, an exercise on the effect of different waters on the same tea is also presented.

This workshop is only given in french or contact us to create your own private group.

Duration: 2h30

Cost: 30$ tx included