Tea and meditation

From the first healers and Taoist masters of China to the United States, tea is considered an elixir of life with Nature and our true self. Indeed, an aura of sacred emanates from this plant and another find found throughout the pharmacopoeia, with which it is possible to open ourselves, to calm down and to consult with our body or that which lingers on its preparation to the tasting.

This workshop is meant to be a moment of rest and the participants have the chance to experience the effects of their body and soul. In addition to tasting a few different techniques, we also discuss the notions of Taoism and Buddhism related to art, not to mention the special effect on our vital energy, Qi. We also go over some details that you can inspire to realize in your own home a space dedicated to this and thus to create your own environment around its preparation, integrating music, incense, floral arrangement and other elements favoring the calm and the intelligence.

This workshop is only given in french or contact us to create your own private group.

Duration: 2h

Cost: 30$ tx included