Special measures during your visit to the tea house

The reopening of the tea house will be gradual and this page will be updated regularly as needed during this period of transition and adaptation for all of us. Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and flexibility!




To ensure the health and safety of our customers and our team, please respect these special measures during your visit to our shop.


Please do not enter the shop if you experience any symptoms of fever, cough, loss of taste and / or smell or any other symptom related to Covid-19.


  • The advisory service and the sale of loose tea and herbal teas as well as infusion accessories is available while the service section at the "tea room" will be on pause until further notice.
  • Please note that only debit and credit card payments are currently accepted.
  • The maximum number of people in the shop is limited to three (3) customers at a time, one person at each counter and another in the waiting area (on the right when entering).
  • If a queue is necessary, do not block entry / exit at the door and use the sidewalk instead (respecting the distance of 2m both inside and outside)
  • To give everyone a chance during a visit to our store, it is necessary to make your purchases within a respectful time limit in the event of greater crowds. Ordering online and choose store pickup is preferable to facilitate the speed of service. If you have a web order to pick up, just give us your order number by entering and we can deliver your package to you immediately.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept your reusable sachets or containers to fill them with tea or herbal tea. However, please keep them or write down the names of the products you like as a reference to better guide you in your choices.
  • Please touch items for sale only when necessary and request the assistance of one of our team members who will be happy to help you!


Despite all these constraints imposed by the current situation of the Covid-19, our intention is to serve you with joy and let you discover new things about tea. We will remain entirely at your service and we are convinced that we will be able to transmit our endless love for tea to you! We look forward to welcoming you to CHA YI !