Post-fermented tea - China

2008 Guangxi Hei Shan Liu Bao

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Liu Bao are fermented teas similar to Pu Er (which comes from Yunnan). This vintage, made from old tea trees growing on the heights of Hei Shan, was harvested in 2008 and aged since in large woven bamboo baskets. This natural fermentation (sheng) gave it deep notes and a pleasant sweetness when infused. Its beautiful dark leaves give off aromas of undergrowth, beetroot and dried fruit. On the palate, its sweet and balanced liquor offers a beautiful clarity of flavors with notes evoking autumn leaves in the forest, dried strawberries, noble wood shavings, root vegetables and clay tennis court in the sun... Digest and meditative, this is a soothing and comforting tea!

  1 1/2 tsp/250ml     

  4-5 minutes