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Bocha Karigane

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Bocha (also known as Kukicha) is a green tea composed of a mixture of stems and young tea buds. “Karigane” is a descriptor reserved for teas containing a certain proportion of leaves taken from bushes that were shaded for several weeks leading up to the harvest. This special process lends the tea the extra dimension of depth for which good-quality Gyokuro, Matcha, and Kabusecha are celebrated. Our Bocha offered here presents a cloudy, rich, and thick-textured liquor. Its brothy aromas of asparagus, roast chicken, corn, and nut butter are reminiscent of a hot cup of rich bouillon. An excellent tea and competitively priced, this is great as a risk-free way to start exploring Japanese Green teas, or to have on hand for day-to-day drinking.

  1 tsp/250ml       4-5 minutes       80°C