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Fukamushicha Asatsuyu

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Asatsuyu is one of our favorite cultivars among Japanese teas thanks to its sweetness and the superb emerald-green color of its infusion. This Fukamushi-style sencha (steamed longer) comes from the Chiran region, renowned for centuries for the quality of its green teas. Its finely broken leaves first give off scents of green-leafed vegetables, dark chocolate and nori seaweed on the nose. When steeped, they release an intense, slightly cloudy green infusion, with sweet, velvety flavors reminiscent of freshly steamed spinach, forest moss, cocoa, fresh nuts, buttered beans and delicate floral/fruity hints. A real treat for the taste buds and a good dose of chlorophyll with every sip!

For the more delicate and complex chumushi version of Asatsuyu: click here!

1 tsp/250ml

3-4 minutes