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Epilobium Oolong

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Here is the result of a new collaboration with Julien from ''Artisan du Vivant'', based in Estrie (Quebec): an Oolong made from the wild picking of the Willow Herb (Epilobium), a plant that grows naturally almost everywhere in Quebec. This batch, transformed entirely by hand, using the same techniques as the production of Chinese tea, comes from a harvest im the beautiful region of Kamouraska.

The infusion of these beautiful whole and twisted leaves gives a liquor with a smell and flavors surprisingly close to a Taiwanese Oolong such as Gabacha or Dong Ding! The color in cup is a beautiful golden-copper. On the palate, the sweet and slightly tangy flavors are reminiscent of strawberry compote, yellow apple, Bartlett pear, honey and almond blossom. For us, this is a great discovery of a local product that can rival the aromatic complexity of real tea from Asia.

Beyond its pleasant taste, the properties of willowherb would be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and digestive in case of stomach and intestinal transit disorders. And you can drink it at any time of the day because it is a caffeine-free infusion!

2 tsp/250ml

5-7 minutes