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Sencha Yabukita

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The reputation of the Yabukita cultivar is well established as it is widespread in Japan. However, it is not so easy to find a good one! But here it is: Produced in ecological cultivation on the island of Yakushima, this Asamushi-style Sencha (longer needles = smoother and clearer liquor) is a great discovery this spring for us! From its large emerald green leaves emerge herbaceous notes of great freshness. Their infusion is soft and full at the same time, with notes of fresh grass and delicate white flower, in addition to an unusual and refreshing hint of spearmint fading with a beautiful naturally sweet persistence.

A perfect Sencha for amateurs who appreciate Japanese green teas without any roasting aroma and with great clarity in the cup (less cloudiness).

1 tsp/250ml

3-4 minutes