Aromatized green tea - Japan

Sunshine your Life!

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These are difficult times that have affected humanity for the past few months. Despite the rainbows we see here and there, it's hard. We think we have done our part in creating this exclusive blend for iced tea because this breeze of freshness will blow the greyness and the dust that fell on our shoulders while bringing the Sun back into our lives. Peach, this sensual and cozy fruit, with its bright yellow friends that are turmeric, calendula and mullein, dominate this brilliant green tea with little caffeine. With each sip of S, young and old, let summer flow through your veins!

50g = 5 liters of iced tea!

For the suggested recipe: Cold brew iced tea recipe!

Composition: Green tea, pieces of peach, turmeric, green rooibos, calendar, tea and mullein petals, natural flavors.


For hot brew method:

1 c. à thé/250ml

3-4 minutes