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Ya Shi Xiang

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This "dancong" type oolong is produced in very small quantities each year near the village of Ping Keng Tou in the Feng Huang mountains (Guangdong). Its name, although strange, simply tells a story related to this tea:

Indeed, Ya Shi Xiang means "duck shit aroma" and its name comes from the fact that the people of this village tried to put off foreigners who wanted to appropriate their limited quantities of this delicious tea in order to keep it for themselves! As this tea grows in marly and sticky soil reminiscent of the texture and color of duck manure, the villagers claimed that it was the abundant droppings of the ducks that lived at the foot of the tea trees that gave this particular taste to the highly prized tea. .maybe some were put off but obviously their lie didn't work out so well as you can now even buy it from a tea house located in Canada!
Beyond this original name, this tea offers an incomparable taste experience: its gourmet and complex notes of butterscotch, grilled sweet almond, very ripe pineapple, white flowers, honey, nectarine and shortbread biscuits combine with its soft, sweet and comforting flavors that give way to a long finish of flower nectar and exotic fruits. Unique!